Questions and Answers on the history and current status of the school

1. What do you know about the history of Kuching High School?
The name Kuching High was established in 1963. It was actually set up by the Kuching Teochew Association in 1916 under the name Min Teck Junior Middle School.
It stopped operation during the second world war from 1941 – 1945. In 1946 it was the first Chinese school reopened under the management of a Joint School Board formed from 13 Chinese associations. The school carried the name Chung
Hua Middle School. In 1958 another Chinese school was built in Pending – the present Chung Hua Middle School No.1. Kuching High was known as ChungHua Midd le School No. 2. In the early sixties the Education Department introduced a conversion plan to turn existing Chinese schools into National Type schools with English as the medium of instruction and following the national
curriculum. Many parents of students of Chung Hua Middle Schools No.2 accepted the offer and urged the Kuching Teochew Association to take up the government’s offer. At the same time the Kuching Teochew Association took over the management of the school from the Joint School Board. Thus in 1963 the school became a government-aided school with English as the medium of instruction but with emphasis on the Chinese language. The name of the school became Kuching High School. Later, to be streamlined with schools throughout Malaysia, it was called Sekolah Menengah Bantuan Kuching High. In 2002 all government-aided school were known as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan and thus the school finally became SMK Kuching High.

2. What is the school mission?
The school mission statement:
To continuously improve the academic and co-curricular standards of the students.
To produce all-rounded students who can face the challenges of the modern era.
To inculcate noble values and outstanding leadership characteristics to all students.
To practise a culture of academic excellence.

3. What are the school’s contribution to the Kuching community?
From 1963 till today, thousands of students have been educated by the school. Many have become community leaders and social workers.

4. What are the essential facilties which the school is currently lacked of?
The school needs a junior science laboratory, a library, living skills workshop, meeting room for staff and students activities, and equipment store room.

5. Who are the main school financial contributors?
The government pays the salaries of the staff. The school also receives per capital grant from the Government based on student population. The Kuching Teochew Association contributes to the development and maintenance of buildings. The PIBG contributes to the welfare of the teachers and students as a whole.

6. Why is the school in need of support from all levels of the society?
The financial aid from the government is only for the day-to-day running of the school. Rebuilding and development requires a great deal of finance which the government does not provide regularly. Thus, to improve the existing facilities, the support from everyone especially from the Ex-Highians, PIBG, School Board of Management, Kuching Teochew Association and the general public at large is needed.

7. What is the student population at the moment?
1680 students. Chinese = 1536, Bumiputra = 140, Indian = 3, Others = 1