Questions and Answers on the buildings razed by fire, structural unsafe building and rebuilding cost

Which Buildings were razed by fire on 2nd December 2008 ?

a) Administration block

Usage : Principal room, staff room, administration room, library, meeting room for staff and students activities.

b) Junior Science block

Usage : junior science laboratories, equipment store room and staff wash room.

How much it cost to rebuild these buildings ?

Estimated cost for admin & block 1 : RM3,000,000

Estimated cost for Junior Science block : RM1,400,000

Which Building was declared as unsafe by JKR?

Block 2

Usage : living skill and agama teaching, equipment store room

How much does it cost to rebuild block 2 ?


How much is the total cost required for rebuilding?
The total cost required for rebuilding is : RM6,400,000

How much fund is allocated from Kuching High School Board of Management for the rebuilding ?


How much does the Rebuilding Committee require to raise?